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Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Our team is committed to behaving and investing in a way that makes a positive impact.

Our ESG commitments at Mobeus

  1. We will consider and address ESG factors throughout the investment cycle, from the deal process, through investment analysis and approval, to value creation in the portfolio.
  2. We will seek to uphold the highest of ESG standards, practices and policies at Mobeus, and ensure the whole team understands the issues and opportunities presented by ESG factors.
  3. We will consistently track and report on ESG matters in the pursuit of better ESG performance in our current growth and buyout portfolios.

Our approach to ESG at our portfolio companies

Environmental Management Environmental Management Social Issues Corporate Governance

Environmental Management

We will work with portfolio companies not only to manage environmental risks but also to identify opportunities for value creation.

The core areas covered include:
  • compliance with all relevant environmental laws and standards;
  • efficient use of energy, water and natural resources;
  • reducing the production of waste and promoting the waste management hierarchy;
  • avoiding incidents of pollution and negative impact to biodiversity.

Social Issues

We will promote and develop robust labour and human rights practices with portfolio companies.

This includes but is not limited to:
  • compliance with all relevant laws and standards;
  • operating to high standards of health and safety;
  • a commitment to equal opportunities;
  • compliance with international conventions on human rights;
  • eliminating the use of child labour;
  • developing and supporting employees through structured education, training and skills programmes; 
  • engaging positively with local communities.

Corporate Governance

We work with portfolio companies to ensure strong governance is established from the outset.

This includes:
  • the formation of a monthly Steering Committee;
  • the appointment of an Independent Chair;
  • the creation of anti-bribery and corruption policies and a Code of Conduct;
  • upholding high standards of business integrity and behaving with the utmost honesty and transparency at all times.