Our Style

How we work with you as partners

Our style

We have a strong reputation for being collaborative business partners who are focused and driven but also considered and empathetic.

Close alignment & strong relationships with teams we back

Proactive at a strategic level but let Management run the business

Straightforward, trustworthy partners that deliver on promises

Fully fund deals with limited external debt to reduce risk & facilitate growth

Experienced & focused small company investor

Support investment to deliver strong growth

So why choose us?

We work with management to achieve a shared vision of success

We have a strong reputation as experienced and supportive investors that let management get on with running their companies. Our focus is providing strategic support and helping our investments scale at pace.

We are straightforward people to deal with – we are measured and can be trusted to deliver on our promises.

Our flexible and attractive funding packages mean that our investments are not constrained by excessive debt and have the oxygen they need to flourish and grow whatever the macro-environment.

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