Diversity Leaders

12 November 2020

We are incredibly proud to announce that Chris Price has won a spot on Real Deals’ Future 40 Diversity and Inclusion Leaders list for developing and leading the Mobeus Scholarship Programme.


The best way to understand how the Programme truly fosters diversity of talent is to watch Chris explain it in this video.

The programme, which has charitable status and is funded by the firm, is dedicated to improving social mobility and giving disadvantaged young people entry into the corporate world. Every year the charity supports one young person, who has exhibited huge potential, with a four year package. To understand the impact the Programme can have, we spoke to 2019 scholar, Daniel Babalola. 

Chris says:

“Our programme is designed to engage with young people over a four-year period. To help them feel comfortable in a new environment, to learn the social and interpersonal skills needed to exist in our work environments and to see that opportunities to work in and potentially one day lead our businesses or portfolio companies, is an achievable goal.”

The Real Deals Future 40 Diversity and Inclusion Leaders list, in association with Private Equity Recruitment (PER), showcases key individuals in the asset class who have made or are making a notable impact on improving diversity and inclusion practices across their firm and the wider industry. 

Real Deals editor Talya Misiri comments:

“Private equity invests in all types of businesses across many different countries and societies, and yet, the people who invest, mainly share a similar race, sex or socio-economic background. Luckily, there is an increasing minority that are actively trying to change this. 
“In this year’s list, we celebrate those who are breaking down these pre-existing barriers. Those who are opening the doors of the asset class to all, to make it an industry where people from all walks of life are accepted, welcomed and have the opportunity to succeed.”