Promotion news

2 February 2021

Mobeus is delighted to announce that Freddie Bacon has been promoted to Investment Director in its Buyout team.


Freddie joined Mobeus in 2013 and has since worked on a wide range of management buyout transactions. Most recently he sourced and led the firm’s £9.5m investment to back the MBO of ABL 1Touch, the tech-enabled automotive accident repair group. 

During his time at Mobeus Freddie has worked on a number of deals for Mobeus Fund IV, including: Access Partnership, the international tech regulation consultancy; Assured Underwriting Group, the surety insurance MGA; CCC, Europe’s largest non-stick coated steel provider; Ludlow, the independent, regional IFA and Kinneir Dufort, one of the UK’s leading design and innovation consultancies. Freddie also plays an active role on a number of these boards.

“It is great to be able to recognise and nurture homegrown talent like Freddie and to bring him through the ranks starting as an analyst to now taking a senior role in our team as we look forward to raising our next fund this year.”

Ashley Broomberg, Partner