Promotion news

14 July 2022

Mobeus is delighted to announce that Dominic Draysey has been promoted to Investment Director.


Dominic joined Mobeus as a graduate in 2014 and has made rapid progress having worked on a number of transactions in recent years.

Most recently he co-led the firm’s first investment for Mobeus V – the £8.8 million investment to back the MBO of Gungho Marketing, the sales-outsourcing business focused on the Regulatory Technology sector. This continues a strong run of completions. In 2021, Dominic sourced and led the £9.1 million Mobeus IV investment into The Boundary. He also co-led the £25.5 million MBO of Inbox Insight, a B2B demand generation agency, through a £18.1 million investment into the business. At the end of 2020, Dominic led Mobeus’s exit of Vectair which delivered an 8.5x return.

“We are extremely proud of what Dominic has achieved and our ability to bring home grown talent all the way through to leading positions in our investment team by operating as a true meritocracy.  His promotion is well deserved and no doubt Dominic will play an important role in the deployment of Mobeus V.”

Ashley Broomberg, Managing Partner