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The Business

Vectair has delivered sanitary & scent solutions for over 30 years. Its product range covers air care and odour control, hand washing and skin care, surface care, sanitary disposal and infant care.

The Original Deal

Mobeus invested £1.1 million in Vectair in 2006.

The Realisation

A consortium of US investment funds, including Oxbow Industries and Arcspring, has acquired Vectair in a secondary buyout for an undisclosed amount.

The Impact

Since Mobeus first invested, the company has been developed into a well-respected, international business, positioning it for further investment from US-based backers. Vectair has grown revenues by more than fourfold, notably driven by North American sales growth, and profits have increased eightfold over the period. The exit generated an 8.3x Money Multiple return over original cost for the Mobeus VCTs, after almost 15 years, highlighting the value of patient capital.

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Management buyout