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The media asset management software provider

The Business

Streaming and Over The Top services are becoming ever more dynamic, while video is growing across all organisations from broadcasters to brands.

As a result, efficiently organising and collaborating on content is more important than ever. IPV has developed one of the leading media asset management products, Curator. Curator makes any brand’s video content easily accessible to anyone who needs it regardless of location, substantially enhancing video use.

IPV has an enviable blue-chip client base, including leading players in multiple verticals, such as HBO, YouTube, Adidas and NASA, with a significant presence across the UK and the US.

The Deal

Mobeus led a £4 million investment round to back a senior team of proven operators. With further capital to support the sales and marketing function, IPV will be well positioned to target the digital marketing sector in both the US and the UK. This exciting market is growing at over 20% year-on-year. 

The Plan

The investment is funding increased sales and marketing activity to deliver a focused and measured growth plan. The company will continue to transition to a subscription-based model, as it capitalises on its already established client base and expands its reach in the US. 

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“We have fantastic customers, and an exceptional product and vision. With the new funding round and Mobeus’s support, we have a clear and exciting growth plan for IPV. Our intelligent search and fully integrated AI give world-class brands and companies, remote accessibility, to manage their video content quickly and effortlessly.”

Mark Fagan 

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