Bourn Hall

Bourn Hall

The world’s first IVF clinic

The Business

Bourn Hall’s Cambridge clinic was founded in 1980 by Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe, the IVF pioneers whose work led to the birth of the first test-tube baby, Louise Brown. Since then, Bourn Hall has helped over 20,000 families.

The Original Deal

Mobeus invested £3.5 million to support the geographic expansion of Bourn Hall in 2014.

The Realisation

Mobeus sold Bourn Hall to Triangle Healthcare Partners, a Canadian-based investor. They plan to grow Bourn Hall into a global IVF brand.

The Impact

At the time of the initial investment from Mobeus, Bourn Hall had three clinics based in the East of England. With Mobeus’s assistance, a further clinic was opened. The sale represents a 1.6x Money Multiple on original cost.

Bourn Hall
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“Infertility and IVF are deeply personal, so it’s incredibly important that Bourn Hall has a strong family feel and a special connection with both patients and colleagues. When looking for an investment partner, we were delighted to find that same connection with the Mobeus team, who respect our values and support our strategy.”

Mike Macnamee
Bourn Hall, CEO

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