A provider of biometric access control and software-based workforce management systems

The Business

Biosite’s unique fingerprint algorithm has simplified the way the construction industry controls site access; workers can be identified by even a low-grade fingerprint. And, because Biosite understands how powerful the data it collects on its access control platform are, it also developed a software-based workforce management system that offers integrated CCTV, fire alarms and guarding.

The Deal

We identified Biosite through our direct origination programme and since then we have invested a total of £5.75m to accelerate growth. Before our investment, the company hadn't raised any external capital. 

The Plan

Biosite aims to be the complete site management tool of choice for the construction industry. This funding is being used to grow the team so they can develop new innovative site-management tools, which will mean managers can oversee all aspects of a project.

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“Harnessing powerful data and creating insight from it will help transform how construction sites are managed. Biosite are proud to be supporting DTL, helping to make the use of digital technologies more widespread within UK construction.”  

Nick Hickman, Biosite Systems Head of Marketing

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