Automated Systems Group

Independent supplier of printer and copier services

The Business

Automated Systems Group is a leading provider of printing and copying solutions to SMEs and the education sector.

The Deal

We originally invested £4.3m to support the MBO of ASL in December 2010.

The Plan at Investment

We provided a further £2m follow-on investment in April 2011 to support ASL’s buy and build strategy, funding the acquisition of Transcribe Copier Systems. We put together a £4m funding package to fund the acquisition comprising £2m investment from Mobeus and £2m of bank term debt. The opportunity to make an acquisition came earlier than anticipated after the original MBO. However, we were able to act quickly, which enabled ASL to capitalise on the opportunity and significantly increase its size.

We also introduced a Chairman and Finance Director at the time of the original investment.

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