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IPV, the media asset management software provider, captures £4 million investment led by Mobeus

Mobeus has led a £4 million investment round for IPV, the media asset management software provider that helps leading brands intelligently create, search and automate video content at game-changing speeds.

Professional video content is increasingly important in marketing to prospects and customers, not to mention connecting employees across multiple locations. As the number of video files and the size of those files grow, brands require alternative and flexible solutions to manage video media content in ever shorter timeframes from remote locations.

IPV has developed one of the leading media asset management products, Curator, that makes video content easy to capture, access, edit, modify and transfer, in order to ensure consistency of message and increase audiences via digital, online and on mobile platforms. 

IPV has an enviable blue-chip client base, including leading players across multiple verticals, such as HBO, Monster Energy, NASA, Nintendo, PGA Tour and Turner, with a significant presence across the UK and the US.

Proven operator Mark Fagan, who has previously delivered two successful private equity exits, leads the significantly enhanced management team. The incoming investment will fund increased sales and marketing activity to deliver a focused and measured growth plan. The company will continue to transition to a subscription-based model, as it capitalises on its already established client base and expands its reach in the US.

Rowan Grobler, Investment Manager, said

“We’re delighted to be leading an investment round to back a senior team of proven operators. With further capital to support the sales and marketing function, IPV will be well positioned to target the digital marketing sector in both the US and the UK. This exciting market is growing at over 20% year-on-year. In our diligence and from speaking to customers, we have determined that IPV has a stand-out product.”

Amit Hindocha and Rowan Grobler sourced and led the investment for Mobeus, which invested alongside Calculus Capital. Stephenson Harwood provided legal due diligence, Moore Kingston Smith the financial due diligence with Intechnica providing the IT due diligence.

05 December 2019

“We have fantastic customers, and an exceptional product and vision. With the new funding round and Mobeus’s support, we have a clear and exciting growth plan for IPV. Our intelligent search and fully integrated AI give world-class brands and companies everything they need to manage their video content quickly and effortlessly.

“With streaming and OTT services becoming ever more dynamic, and as video grows across all organisations from broadcasters to brands, so has the need to organise and collaborate on this content efficiently. The beauty of Curator is its ability to make any brand’s video content easily accessible to anyone in the business who needs it, substantially enhancing the use of video for everything from marketing campaigns, through creating consistent customer experience, to archiving and monetising old content”

Mark Fagan, CEO IPV



05 December 2019

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